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Thread » Treasure » Treasure #552 Old Lace

Treasure #552 Old Lace

Treasure #552 Old Lace 300 yd. spool. 30 weight, 3 ply coated cotton thread that is the only thread of its kind designed specifically for hand quilting. Treasure thread is perfect for handsewing. It has a special glaze coating to add strength and reduces lint. Its available in 21 variegated and 4 solid colors. Usage tips: Use Treasure thread for handwork only. Do not use for machine quilting, the glazing feature will gum up your hook and needle. Recommended needle: handwork needle. Color: Variegated, White-Off White
SKU: 131-01-552

Product Details

Thread Line Treasure
Thread Weight 30 wt. 3-ply
Put Up (Size) 300 yards
Recommended For Hand quilting
Fiber Type Cotton