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How to prevent thread pooling


I know you’ve been there. Starting a fabulous project using a beautiful specialty, smooth, delicate thread such as Metallic or Trilobal polyester.

Your head is racing with thoughts of excitement, joy, nervousness, and possible anxiety over the idea of working with a sensitive thread. You are getting ready to make a beautiful piece of art while preparing mentally for the challenges ahead of you.

While there are many things which can increase success and decrease stress while working with specialty threads (using a high-quality thread, loosening your tension, using the right size needle) there is another thing (that may cause frustrations) which occurs simply because of the nature of the thread. That’s thread pooling.

Thread pooling happens when the slick thread slides to the bottom of the cone. This can increase drag and cause uneven tension. We have a solution to this problem! Our Handy Nets help eliminate pooling leading to decreased stress levels while sewing, quilting, or serging with cones. Learn more in this video:

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