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If you're using a Superior metallic thread, you won't have any trouble at all. I want to give you a couple of tips, things that you need to do. We talked about top tension earlier with your decorative threads. You always want to drop your top tension down to one. Sometimes you need to go a little bit lower. Sometimes a little bit higher. If you start at one and work your way up or down, you should only have to make a couple of adjustments. Because this is a decorative, fragile thread, you want your tension disks a little bit further apart so you're not stressing the thread as it travels through your tension disks. You also want to use the Topstitch 90/14 needle when using Metallic Thread.

We discussed earlier that it has the long, rectangular eye. It has the long groove that's cut out of the needle, which protects a decorative, delicate thread as the needle passes through your fabric. In your bobbin, with any decorative thread you always want to use a smooth polyester thread in your bobbin. Do not use a cotton thread in the bobbin with a decorative thread on top. I recommend and use Bottom Line in my bobbin for all my decorative threads. I've also used a Trilobal polyester thread in my bobbin if I want to dress up the back a little bit. That's also considered a smooth polyester, and it does work well with the metallics on the top.

When you purchase a metallic thread, metallic has a memory. You want to buy your metallic when it is wound on a larger normal size spool or a cone. The very large cone, 5500 yards, is for the embroiderers or the long-armers. And yes, I did say that you can use the metallic on the long arm or an embroidery machine. When I started quilting, machine quilting, I had to audition metallic threads for a quilt that I was doing for a lady. I knew nothing about Superior threads. I didn't know anything about any other brands, and hands down this was the best metallic thread that was ever made. I absolutely love it. When the thread was designed, it was designed to be used in the high-speed embroidery machines for Japanese kimonos. And as I've gone around to some of the major quilt shows, I've seen a lot of garments that were embroidered with a metallic thread that were award-winning garments. So I love this thread. Let me show you how it looks when you quilt with it.

In past demos I've shown you, again, how to do the banana feather on the back of a normal feather. I'm still continuing to do that, because that's how I do all my feathers now. But now I'm going to show you again how to stack your thread. And now I'm doing little wispies in the middle, which I love. It adds a beautiful detail to the metal. I've already pulled by bobbin threads up. I've done my first banana. We're going to come back down. And we're going to do the banana, and I'm just going to do one more. I think you've got the hand of bananas already. So I'm down at my spine. I'm going to travel all the way back down my spine, and we're stacking that thread. Now I'm going to come up and make this little wispy. And I'm intentionally missing my lines and taking my thread all the way back down to the bottom. I'm going to come back up.

We're going to make the wispy. I bring my thread all the way back down to the bottom of that feather. We're going to make another wispy. See, I go back to the bottom of the feather. And we'll do one more. So you can see by going back down each time to the bottom of the feather, it keeps adding more and more layers of your metallic thread, which is bringing that spine to life. I love stacking the threads. It's also very user-friendly for hiding mistakes. So when you buy metallic thread, I always recommend Superior. It's hands down the best metallic thread made anywhere. Look for it on a normal size spool, on a cone, or for the long arm or embroiderers, get it on the 5500 yard cones. Use a smooth polyester in the bobbin, such as Bottom Line or Trilobal polyester. Drop your top tension to one, and use your Topstitch 90/14 needle.

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