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Adjusting Tension

  • Balancing Top and Bobbin Tension
  • Tension and Love

Finding the perfect tension balance (between top and bottom threads) can be a little challenging. Sometimes, we need to loosen up a bit to achieve the perfect stitch. Whether your machine has a manual rotary dial or digitally-controlled top tension adjustment, changing your top tension to work in tandem with your thread will help you achieve perfect stitches.

This fun video highlights a few visual cues on when the top tension should be tightened or loosened, depending on the results of imbalanced stitches. To help you dial in the proper tension before stitching, we have created two thread reference guides, one guide for Home Machines and another guide for Longarm Machines. Both reference guides list our thread lines and recommends the needle size and tension setting so you can achieve excellent stitch quality.

May you stitch happily ever after!

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