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Bob Purcell (Chief Threadologist of Superior Threads) discusses Rayon thread. The down side to Rayon is in most cases, Rayon is not colorfast (the dye can bleed out of the thread when washed with detergents). Trilobal polyester has the sheen of Rayon but is stronger and colorfast among other positive traits.

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Video Transcript

How many embroider?

What's the most commonly used type of embroidery thread? Rayon.

There is a downside to rayon that most people don't know. It's not, in most cases, rayon is not colorfast. You can't bleach it. It is also banned to be produced in the U.S. now. So now, we let other countries pollute the world. Rayon will be around for a long time. Very inexpensive to produce, but it is weak and it's not colorfast. Therefore, we don't touch rayon threads. They scare me. I can't take a risk of providing a rayon thread to somebody who's going put it into a quilt or an embroidery project and take the risk of it bleeding or fading or ruining that project. That's why we don't touch rayon.

But now, with the Trilobal Poly, we have the same sheen as a rayon that it stronger and colorfast. That's why we love Trilobal Polyester. We have it in many solid lines. Our Magnifico is a solid line of Trilobal Poly. Nature colors, living colors, and super brights are all examples of Trilobal high sheen Poly.

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