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Bob Purcell (Chief Threadologist of Superior Threads) discusses Silk Threads. Silk is a fantastic natural fiber with a long shelf life, strong tensile strength, beautiful sheen, and very low lint. We carry Silk Threads in a variety of weights, colors, and application purposes. Kimono™ #100, Tire #50™, Tire #30™, #16 Buttonhole Silk™, Tiara Variegated Silk™, and Silk Embroidery Floss.

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Video Transcript

Bob Purcell: How many like silk threads? Silk is a fantastic fiber. We have had silk thread, the Number 100 kimono silk for about a year now. And just a few months ago, we added the Number 50 and a Number 30 (which is getting heavier). And a Number 16 which is really heavy, like for button holes. Really, really nice, beautiful thread. There is only one downside to silk and that's the cost.

You will pay 2 to 5 times more for silk than you will for a comparable polyester thread. If you like the sheen, if you like the feel, if you like the exoticness of silk, it is fantastic. Shelf life is great. It's strong. There is no downside except for the cost.

Woman 1: Can you use Silk for applique?

Bob: For applique? Thank you. Yeah, we use our ="/silk-thread">silk thread for applique. If you have been to Houston in the last 2 years, the best of show winner in Houston, for Long arm? All silk. Do we have it on a mini-cone for silk? Yes.

Woman 2: Do you have to use it on silk batting?

Bob: Do you have to use it on silk batting? No, you can use it on any type of batting.

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