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  • Bobbin Tension 101 (part 2 of 2)

    How to Adjust Bobbin Tension

    Bobbin tension is easily adjusted with the aid of a flat head screw driver.  Unlike top tensions, a little goes a long way. 

    To make adjustments to your bobbin tension, we turn the large screw on the bobbin case. (If your machine has a drop-in bobbin mechanism, this post isn’t relevant for you as you will most likely pop in a new bobbin case for embroidery, quilting, sewing, etc.) Think of the adjustment screw like a face of a clock, we recommend making adjustments in 5-15 minute increments.

    Testing Bobbin Tension

    There are two quick ways to check your bobbin tension to see if adjustments need to be made. 

    -Use a bobbin tension gauge, like the TOWA, to get an accurate tension reading

    -Do a lift test by placing the bobbin case (with the bobbin inside) in the palm of your hand and pulling the tail of the bobbin up with your other hand.  The case should lift to a vertical position and then rotate freely in your palm.  If bobbin case lies flat while thread is unwinding, tighten the tension.  If bobbin case lifts off your hand, loosen the tension.

    Adjusting your tension ...

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  • Bobbin Tension 101 (part 1 of 2)

    What’s this? You’re telling me that I can adjust my bobbin tension?

    bobbin tension

    Yes!  You can indeed adjust your bobbin tension (and you should learn how to do it by reading the rest of this article).  90% of the time, we adjust the top tension to achieve the perfect stitch.  However, for the other 10%, we may need to adjust the bobbin tension to get the results you need.

    You may have been taught to never touch the bobbin tension, but we hope to help you feel confident in knowing when and how to adjust your bobbin tension.

    When to Adjust Bobbin Tension

    Bird Nesting: A very descriptive term which describes bunching of thread on the underside of your project. This is usually due to loose bobbin tension and generally occurs when using a slick or fine bobbin thread. Luckily, it’s an easy fix by tightening your bobbin tension.

    Changing to a thicker/thinner bobbin thread: When doing fancy bobbin work or reverse quilting with thicker threads, such as Razzle Dazzle, it may be necessary to loosen your bobbin tension. Using fine threads like Monopoly may require a bobbin tension tightening. 

    Looping and breaking: If you loosen the ...

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  • Superior Spotlight: Guila G

    We are pleased to show you a beautiful completed quilt by Guila G, “Beach Buddies”. 

    Guila used Kimono silk to create a lot of texture.  This strong, fine thread gave her the look she craved without overcoming the focal point.  Such gorgeous detail work!

    Beach Buddies

    Beach Buddies

    Beach Buddies

    Beach Buddies

    Have you quilted scenery before, and if so, what of?

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  • Embroidery: How long will my needle last?

    Superior Topstitch Needles

    Superior’s Titanium-coated Topstitch needles are fantastic for embroidery!  The elongated eye and deeper groove protects thread, as the needle passes through the fabric and stabilizer sandwich. The thin layer of titanium coating does an incredible job at maintaining the point sharpness. We get about 6 times more use out of our Titanium-coated needles than regular Nickel-plated needles. (The color-coded needles available are all nickel-plated.)

     While Superior’s Topstitch needles will last longer than standard needles, the life of your needle is also determined by the following:

    • Speed (Stitches per minute)
    • Thickness of fabric
    • Type of stabilizer
    • Multiple layers of stabilizer
    • Machine condition
    • Stitch density

    To help determine how long (or how many stitches) your needles will last, we’ve done some testing.  On our 10-needle commercial embroidery machine, we are usually stitching at the 500-800 SPM. We usually use a soft tear-away stabilizer with no backing fabric (just the top fabric and stabilizer). We have been averaging about 50 hours of embroidery time on this particular machine and are stitching many different designs, both small and large, and using a variety of our threads.

    Using these numbers as an example our needles will last between 1.5-2.4 million ...

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  • Sewing with a Twin Needle

    It’s an easy process to make adjustments to clothing on your home sewing machine. That’s right, you don’t need a Serger to make small changes!  When you use a Twin Needle in your sewing machine, you can mimic a type of coverstitch to help keep your hemming and adjustments in place. We like to sew with So Fine! #50 on top and hand-wind a bobbin with our stretchy Polyarn thread to get excellent results when making adjustments to knit fabrics.

    We’ve made a quick video showcasing how this is done, watch it here:

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  • Superior Spotlight: Wade W.

    Wade has been quilting for 2 years and has completed dozens of quilts.  The more challenging, the better!  Wade enjoys each part of the creative process including creating a design, choosing the fabric, piecing, and quilting on his Innova longarm.  While he has created many quilts, he does not own a single one because he always gives them away.   This king size quilt was made for his son. 

    Wade W Quilt with Omni

    Wade W Quilt with Omni

    Wade W Quilt with Omni

    Wade W Quilt with Omni

    This gorgeous quilt was completed using OMNI, Magnifico, and fabric from our very own, Fab Fabrics!

    What size quilts do you like to make?

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  • Our Inventory App!

    You asked for it; you got it!  Our newest Inventory app has been released on the Google Play store and iTunes!

     Superior Inventory App

    Superior Inventory App

    Superior Inventory App

    Keep track of your Superior thread stash on your phone or tablet on the go. No more sticky notes to keep track of, no more wondering at shows or events if you already have that color or need those needles.  Looking for more fun Superior Apps?  Check out what's currently available here.

    Once you've tried Superior's Inventory App let us know how you like it!

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  • Quilting Anonymous

    Our newest funny quilting video!  A ton of fun to make, hope you enjoy!

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  • Quilting Anonymous Sneak Peak!

    Quilting addiction is something that affects more than women, it can be a struggle for everyone.   Check out our sneak peak for our newest parody video.

    Be the first to see the full version by signing up for our Newsletter.  Video to be released August 1st!

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  • Superior Spotlight: Judge’s Choice Winner

    Our friend Anita, from The Cotton Mill Threadworks in Ontario (who is also a Superior Educator), was at the National show in Canada and shared with us this BEAUTIFUL quilt by Janet Rick-Bredin who designed and pieced this amazing quilt top. It was quilted by Catherine Sloan on her longarm. This piece of art won the Judge’s Choice award!

    Canada's Judges Choice

    Candian Quilt Winner

    This entirely machine curve-pieced gorgeous quilt was completed with Magnifico, chosen because of its sheen and luster. 

    Have you entered a quilt in a contest before?

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  • Favorite Colors!

    When Susie‘s contractor asked her what colors she wanted her 1910 Revival home painted, she knew just what she wanted!  She quickly grabbed 3 cones of Superior So Fine! #50 #410 Charcoal, #414 Claret, and #451 Blizzard.

    So Fine! #50 House Paint

    She loves the way it turned out!

    Have you ever used your favorite thread colors to choose matching or complimentary colors?

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  • How a Sewing Machine Bobbin Works

    When I sit down at my machine sew and everything runs smoothly, I am a happy sewer!  Every once in a while, my machine will have some kind of hiccup.  It’s frustrating times like these I wonder how my machine worked before and has now ceased to give me what I need (stress RELIEF!).  Then I begin to wonder exactly how my machine works in the first place.

    We have created a great informative video that shows how the bobbin hook catches the top thread and creates the stitch.  Without this mechanically brilliant component, my life, as we know it, would be dramatically different! 

    View our Prewound Bobbins!

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  • Superior Spotlight: Donna S. and Friends

    Today we are spotlighting a beautiful quilt Donna S. shared with us.  Her quilt group made this quilt for as a fund raiser for the Horses for Heroes riding program in Santa Fe, NM.  Members made the horse blocks using techniques and threads they learned from Superior University.

    Superior University Masters Class

    Superior University Masters Class

    The group fondly refers to their SU project as the Superior University Master’s Class as they were able to use the following products to complete their quilt:

    Texture Magic
    Charlotte's Fusible Web
    Razzle Dazzle
    Bottom Line
    King Tut
    Kimono Silk



    What kind of projects has your quilt group collaborated on?



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  • What thread can I use for sewing canvas and upholstery fabrics?

    Superior Bonded Nylon

    We understand that not all projects are sewn on light-weight, cotton fabrics.  There are times where sewing must be done on canvas, marine vinyl, leather, or thick upholstery fabric.  Projects with these fabrics are often done with the help of an industrial machine.  We recommend using our Bonded threads when sewing on these fabrics. Bonded Nylon and Bonded Poly are the go-to threads for these applications as they are strong and have excellent abrasion resistance. The bonding agent which coats these threads is made from a special resin that reduces its susceptibility to wear from friction and abrasion while sewing at high-speeds.  Choosing which Bonded thread to use is quite simple:

    Will my project be used mostly outdoors (exposed to UV rays)?

    If not, Bonded Nylon is a great choice. This strong, color-fast thread is a great choice for any indoor-sewing application and is available in many different thicknesses and colors. 

    If yes, Solar Guard (our Bonded Polyester) is a good choice for any outdoor furnishing because of its superior UV resistance compared to Nylon. Polyester as a fiber is much better at resisting deterioration from UV rays over Nylon.

    For outdoor fabrics which will be exposed to harsh UV ...

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  • Superior Spotlight: Roslyn A.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Today we highlight a stunning patriotic wall hanging created by Roslyn A.  Most of this amazing quilt has been thread painted using Superior Silver Metallic.  Roslyn was pleased that she could use and trust Metallic thread.  With minimal tension adjustment and normal stitching speed, she was able to complete her beautiful wall hanging without a single thread shredding or breaking. 

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    The sides, borders, and flag were quilted with So Fine! #50 and Bottom Line in the bobbin. 

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    The wall hanging was completed with 20 LED lights that truly put the sparkle in the fireworks.

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    To see more of Roslyn’s beautiful work, check out her blog!  

    Hope you have a safe and happy 4th!

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