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  • Favorite Colors!

    When Susie‘s contractor asked her what colors she wanted her 1910 Revival home painted, she knew just what she wanted!  She quickly grabbed 3 cones of Superior So Fine! #50 #410 Charcoal, #414 Claret, and #451 Blizzard.

    So Fine! #50 House Paint

    She loves the way it turned out!

    Have you ever used your favorite thread colors to choose matching or complimentary colors?

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  • How a Sewing Machine Bobbin Works

    When I sit down at my machine sew and everything runs smoothly, I am a happy sewer!  Every once in a while, my machine will have some kind of hiccup.  It’s frustrating times like these I wonder how my machine worked before and has now ceased to give me what I need (stress RELIEF!).  Then I begin to wonder exactly how my machine works in the first place.

    We have created a great informative video that shows how the bobbin hook catches the top thread and creates the stitch.  Without this mechanically brilliant component, my life, as we know it, would be dramatically different! 

    View our Prewound Bobbins!

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  • Superior Spotlight: Donna S. and Friends

    Today we are spotlighting a beautiful quilt Donna S. shared with us.  Her quilt group made this quilt for as a fund raiser for the Horses for Heroes riding program in Santa Fe, NM.  Members made the horse blocks using techniques and threads they learned from Superior University.

    Superior University Masters Class

    Superior University Masters Class

    The group fondly refers to their SU project as the Superior University Master’s Class as they were able to use the following products to complete their quilt:

    Texture Magic
    Charlotte's Fusible Web
    Razzle Dazzle
    Bottom Line
    King Tut
    Kimono Silk



    What kind of projects has your quilt group collaborated on?



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  • What thread can I use for sewing canvas and upholstery fabrics?

    Superior Bonded Nylon

    We understand that not all projects are sewn on light-weight, cotton fabrics.  There are times where sewing must be done on canvas, marine vinyl, leather, or thick upholstery fabric.  Projects with these fabrics are often done with the help of an industrial machine.  We recommend using our Bonded threads when sewing on these fabrics. Bonded Nylon and Bonded Poly are the go-to threads for these applications as they are strong and have excellent abrasion resistance. The bonding agent which coats these threads is made from a special resin that reduces its susceptibility to wear from friction and abrasion while sewing at high-speeds.  Choosing which Bonded thread to use is quite simple:

    Will my project be used mostly outdoors (exposed to UV rays)?

    If not, Bonded Nylon is a great choice. This strong, color-fast thread is a great choice for any indoor-sewing application and is available in many different thicknesses and colors. 

    If yes, Solar Guard (our Bonded Polyester) is a good choice for any outdoor furnishing because of its superior UV resistance compared to Nylon. Polyester as a fiber is much better at resisting deterioration from UV rays over Nylon.

    For outdoor fabrics which will be exposed to harsh UV ...

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  • Superior Spotlight: Roslyn A.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Today we highlight a stunning patriotic wall hanging created by Roslyn A.  Most of this amazing quilt has been thread painted using Superior Silver Metallic.  Roslyn was pleased that she could use and trust Metallic thread.  With minimal tension adjustment and normal stitching speed, she was able to complete her beautiful wall hanging without a single thread shredding or breaking. 

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    The sides, borders, and flag were quilted with So Fine! #50 and Bottom Line in the bobbin. 

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    The wall hanging was completed with 20 LED lights that truly put the sparkle in the fireworks.

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    Rosalyn's Patriotic Quilt

    To see more of Roslyn’s beautiful work, check out her blog!  

    Hope you have a safe and happy 4th!

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  • 5 Easy ways to tell if you’re using a high-quality cotton thread (part 2 of 2)

    Quality of Egyptian Cotton

    We continue with our 5 easy ways to tell if you are using a high-quality cotton thread.

    3.  Cotton Staple Length

    • Cotton thread strength and quality is often measured by the length of the staple.  Staples are the individual fibers from a cotton boll (the white cotton fluff produced from the cotton plant).  King Tut and MasterPiece are certified extra-long staple cotton threads.  High quality and superb performance are directly related to the extra-long staples which make smooth, strong, and extremely low-lint thread.

    4.  Break test

    • If you’ve been holding onto Grandma’s cotton threads for 20 years and are wondering if they will be reliable to use in your next project, try breaking the thread. Unwind a 2-3 foot section and grasp firmly in each hand. Start moving your hands in opposite directions, putting tension on the thread. If it snaps clean, (you will hear a ‘snap’ when the thread breaks) the thread is good.  If it frays or starts to pull apart without a clean break, you won’t want to use Grandma’s thread collection in your machine.

    5.  Labels

    • Labels tell a lot, but they don’t tell all and are sometimes not accurate. Most ...
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  • 5 Easy ways to tell if you’re using a high-quality cotton thread (part 1 of 2)



    You can feel the quality difference when driving an economy car versus a luxury ride.  This same principle applies to the thread world.  There are dozens of thread brands and hundreds of thread types and it’s important to know if you are getting the high-quality cotton thread you want and need to keep your gorgeous projects together.  To help distinguish between low-quality cotton thread and high-quality cotton thread, we’ve put together 5 points to help you choose the best.

    1.  Low Lint

    • If the cotton thread is very fuzzy or has “slubs” (clumps of excess lint spun into the thread), it is not a high-quality thread.  Excess fuzz affects the quality of your seam due to the extra bulk that it has. On the other extreme, if your cotton is extremely smooth with absolutely no fuzz—it’s not made to go through your machine.  The only way this is achieved is with a wax or glaze coating to cover the thread.  Glazed threads are great for hand quilting, as the waxed coating gives the thread extra strength, but if used in a machine, the wax will rub off between your machine’s tension discs and can gum ...
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  • WOW Wednesday!

    King Tut is Pretty!

    We love hearing Words of Wisdom (WOW) from our customers on how they make their quilting and sewing more fun, beautiful, creative, easy, and fantastic!

    Here are just a few ideas we’ve heard recently from our fabulous friends!

    Victoria V - Crochet with thread: I crochet; and my quilting friends have been trying to interest me in quilting (don't know how to sew). They introduced me to the St.George Quilt show a few years back. There I saw a spool of your Razzle Dazzle Thread - and it dazzled me. So I purchased a spool of it for an experiment. Now I crochet with Razzle Dazzle. It makes the most lovely, delicate and colorful crocheted items. You can also hold it along with another yarn or thread as an accent.

    Lynn S - I am cheap and could not seem to find thread boxes that fit all my cones and spools. I saved plastic strawberry containers and put my thread in them. Now I have stackable see through storage for my threads. And, an added bonus is that all sizes of the same color easily fit in the container.

    Kim R - When I change my needle I place a small ...

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  • Texture Magic

    Once you were limited by only being able to purchase limited textured fabric, however, those days are long gone. You now have the ability to texturize ANY fabric of your choice!  The power is now in your hands (or steam iron, actually).  Texturizing your own fabric opens the doors for adding a brand new dimension and depth to your quilts, clothing, and accessories. 

    We have used Texture Magic on many of our quilts which we proudly display in our booths at the many trade shows we attend. We’ve also made several jackets and vests which stand out quite a bit due to the textured appearance.

    To learn more about this amazing product, check out this great tutorial by Patsy Thompson:

    Would you use Texture Magic for quilting, sewing, or home décor?

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  • Superior Spotlight: Lynn C.




    Lynn C Pieced Quilt

    Lynn C Borders

    Lynn C Center

    Lynn C. stopped by our Fab Fabrics store today and brought in her beautifully pieced quilt.  When piecing this beauty, she used the Sally Collins method of starting at the center and going out.  Lynn began with a pattern, but altered the center square and extended the pinwheels into the border.  She loved the challenge of learning how to extend the pinwheels.  In addition, Lynn added additional borders which turned out quite fancy!

    Lynn ran into a test of her patience and nerves when completing one of her borders and realizing she was just a few inches short!  She ended up needing to get a new piece of fabric to achieve the beautiful look she wanted of uninterrupted borders. Thank goodness we still had the fabric that she needed!

    What have you done when you have run a little short on fabric? Have a heart attack?

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  • Homemade Quilt Blocks

    One of the most rewarding experiences in quilting is creating a custom quilt of your own.  This takes inspiration and meticulous planning.  For the amazing piecers and quilters who are bold, creative, and stepping into making their own quilt blocks, we have a helpful guide to reference when planning.

    Quilting Chart Block Guide

    No longer will you need “guess-work” or “the fingers-crossed” method to complete your balanced, perfect sized quilt.  The numbers on our Quilting Chart represent averages and include a pillow tuck and long drop on the sides and bottom.  Subtract 10-12” from the length if you do not want a pillow tuck, depending on mattress thickness. 

    Looking for a little help or inspiration for creating your blocks?  Try our Block Designer to visualize your blocks.  Once you’ve decided on your project size, deciding which thread to use is easy with our thread selection guide.  Do you know how much thread it takes to quilt a quilt?  View our ‘How Much Thread’ article (LINK).

    Once you’re done, we’d love to see a picture of your completed project! 

    What was your first self-designed quilt?

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  • Superior Spotlight: Josh E.

    Today we are spotlighting our Superior Threads very own General Manager, Josh!  Josh is not the type of guy to leave all the sewing fun to his wife.  In fact, part of his inspiration to learn to sew was his brother in law, Brian, who Josh respected as a “True Man”.  Brian loved outdoors, camping, dirt bikes, hunting and yet, found time to sew.  Josh remembers how impressed he was that Brian made aprons as Christmas gifts.  When Brian passed away recently, Josh felt like he needed to carry on the torch of being a “True Man” and know how to use a sewing machine.

    Josh loves experimenting with our various threads and likes showing off his MasterPiece button work.

     MasterPiece buttons

    “It’s the next fashion trend!”  -Josh E.

    Josh’s talent is not limited to only buttons.  He has dabbled in the crafting world and used SoFine #50 to sew this cute burlap wall decoration.  His wife loves it!

    E Burlap

    Do you have a crafty husband or son?

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  • Which Needle Should I Use?

    Needle Points

    Having the right size needle is key to avoiding many frustrations when sewing, embroidering, serging, or quilting.  Many believe the size of the needle depends on the fabric you are using.  This is only partially true. 

    Choose your needle size based on the size of the thread.  The groove and eye of the needle enlarges when needle sizes increase (70 to 80, 80 to 90, etc.).  Having a thicker thread means you need a deeper and wider groove to protect the thread as it penetrates the fabric.  Using too-small of a needle is like squeezing into that dress that you know is just a bit too small (does this happen to anyone else?!).  After a lot of jumping, sucking it in, praying  and cursing, and beads of sweat you may be able to zip it up, but one false move and that dress could rip.   The same goes with thread squeezing through a needle just a bit too small for it.  The thread might work, but one false move could lead to frustration or shredding.   Your thread will work a lot better with the right size.

    So now you might be wondering if you are using the right needle size ...

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  • Superior Spotlight: Cathy B.

    We had our fabulous friend Cathy B. visit us recently at our Superior Threads Headquarters in St. George, Utah.  She is a serious sewer and when her husband gave her money and encouragement to go clothes and shoe shopping, she went fabric and thread shopping instead!  She told us about her love of all things sewing and that she had brought her sewing with her on vacation.  She set up a cute little sewing nook in her hotel room!

     Cathy's Sewing Nook

    Where have you taken your sewing? Have you taken your machine on vacation with you before? read more
  • It’s like Disneyland for Quilters!

    We’ve seen the videos and perhaps have experienced the scenario first hand; when kids are beyond ecstatic when they talk about going to Disneyland. They are excited for the sights, sounds, lights, rides and the fun atmosphere! As we mature (also known as ‘gracefully age’), our interests change and other places can give us the same type of thrill as a child’s first trip to Disneyland.

    Quilters, have we found some thrilling destinations for you!

     Cities with Many Quilt Shops

    (click map for a larger image)

    These beautiful cities boast many quilt shops to thrill your mind, delight your fingertips, and excite your eyes! Much like the child, thrilled to go to Disneyland, you quilting enthusiasts will be enchanted by these cities that offer quilt stores galore! (Did you notice the number in St. George? We would love for you to come visit us!)  Check out our store locator to see which shops in your area carry Superior Threads.

    ­­Do you have a quilter’s paradise located near you? Let us know about it!

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