Superior's Sewing Threads

Whether you sew with cotton or polyester threads, our sewing threads will create smooth and strong stitches, helping your creative projects last. For home machine sewing, we recommend a 50 wt. thread, as it isn't too fine or too thick. Our sewing threads have a tight twist and low lint, which helps keep your machine cleaner and doesn't add bulk at the seams. When sewing on a serger, it is important to use a strong thread that is supple enough for high-speed stitches. Sergin' General is the cleanest serger thread available with colors that blend extremely well.

Sew Complete Sewing Thread
Sew Complete polyester sewing thread
MasterPiece cotton thread
MasterPiece cotton thread is fantastic for quilting and sewing

Our sewing threads:


50 wt. 3-ply Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton thread. Designed for piecing, sewing, and quilting. MasterPiece is a strong, low-lint cotton thread that doesn't add bulk to your seams. The fine cotton fibers help to grab the fabric and create a tight stitch, even while stitching at a high speed on a longarm machine. A fine matte finish allows MasterPiece to blend well and also makes it a fantastic choice as a bobbin thread when sewing.

Sew Complete

50 wt. 2-ply corespun (poly-wrapped poly core) thread. Designed for sewing and quilting. Sew Complete is a smooth polyester thread with little-to-no bulk, blending colors, and a strong stitch. Sew Complete can be used in the top and bobbin at the same time for a perfect color match.

Sergin' General

40 wt. 2-ply corespun (poly-wrapped poly core) thread. Specifically designed for serging. Sergin' General is the cleanest serger thread available. With excellent strength and elongation, you will experience smoother stitches with less puckering when sewing. Available in 50 solid colors that have been specifically chosen for their blending tone and ability to work with many different fabric colors. Enjoy Superior confidence when sewing with Sergin' General on all your serger projects.

If you are sewing on heavy-duty material and are looking to use commercial or industrial sewing threads, please visit our Industrial Threads page.

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