Variegated threads are threads that have a multi-colored dye pattern throughout. A thread that has the colors blue, green, yellow, and purple in a repeating pattern is considered to be variegated. Superior's variegated threads are precision dyed to reduce color bleed that can occur when dyeing colors in close intervals. They also feature consistent colors, so there is no guesswork at how the final quilted or embroidered design will turn out.

There are two main types of variegated color blends, tone on tone and contrast. Tone-on-tone colors consist of multiple shades of a single color, such as dark blue and medium blue, that provide a gradient effect when stitched. Contrast colors consist of multiple colors that are dyed in a repeating pattern and stand out against the fabric. Tone-on-tone colors are preferred when the thread is meant to blend into the fabric, while contrast colors are commonly used when the stitching is meant to be visible.

Variegated Threads

Our Variegated Threads


40 wt. 2-ply variegated trilobal polyester thread. Designed for embroidery, quilting, and decorative stitching. Bold variegated colors make Fantastico, well, fantastic! Made from the same high-strength fibers as our other trilobal polyester threads, Fantastico is a variegated high-strength high-sheen polyester thread with a one-inch precision dye pattern. Available in over 100 variegated color blends, we created a variegated combination for almost every need.

King Tut

40 wt. 3-ply Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton thread. Designed for quilting and decorative stitching. King Tut is one of nature's finest threads. With low lint and high strength, King Tut is the top cotton thread choice for visible stitches. Available in over 100 color selections in both solid variegated options. All variegated color blends are precision dyed with one-inch color change intervals.


40 wt. 2-ply corespun (poly-wrapped poly core) thread. OMNI-V is a variegated polyester thread designed for quilting and decorative stitching. Gorgeous color combinations, low lint, and a subtle matte finish makes OMNI-V an excellent quilting thread. OMNI-V is made from the same fiber composition as OMNI, but is dyed in variegated (multi) colors with a one inch color change.

Superior Spirit

40-wt. 3-ply polyester thread. Designed for quilting and embroidery. Superior Spirit is a variegated, lint-free, matte-finish, smooth 40-wt. 3 filament polyester thread. Choose one of the 28 variegated color options to match school or team colors and stitch a quilt for your favorite athlete or fan. Perfect for T-shirt quilts or embroideries. Pair with So Fine! as a bobbin thread for perfect stitches.

Tiara Silk

50 wt. 2-ply filament silk thread. Designed for quilting and decorative stitching. Tiara silk is naturally high sheen and strong. The variegated colors are precision dyed with a one-inch color change interval. Smooth with no lint, Tiara Silk is available in 24 colors.


30 wt. 3-ply cotton thread. Designed for hand quilting. Treasure hand quilting thread is is made to handle the stress that hand quilting thread must endure for tight, smooth stitches. The special glaze coating adds strength and keeps the thread from displacing any lint. Available in 25 colors which are perfect for heirloom, dresses, quilts, and any project that calls for hand work.

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