Featured Products

Deciding what product should be featured on its own page is like choosing which chocolate dessert is your favorite. It's chocolate, so it's going to be good no matter what form it is in. We've chosen to highlight several of our thread lines and notions as featured. This page is updated on a regular schedule and the chosen products are rotated so we can feature new products, staff favorites, and customer's top picks. Whether you quilt on a home machine or longarm machine, sew clothing or pillows, serge, embroider, or hand piece, we welcome you to view our featured products.


100 wt. polyester thread
Excellent for quilting and applique

King Tut Quilting Thread

King Tut
40 wt. cotton thread
Excellent for quilting

Superior Topstitch Needles

Home Machine Needles
Titanium-coated needles
Superior's Topstitch and Microtex Needles

MasterPiece cotton thread

50 wt. cotton thread
Excellent for quilting and sewing

Super Bobs Cotton

Super Bobs Cotton
50 wt. cotton thread
Class 15 and L-style prewound bobbins

Superior Metallic Thread

Superior Metallics
40 wt. metallic thread
Excellent for embroidery and quilting

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