Superior's Cotton Threads

Our cotton quilting and sewing threads are the result of a perfect marriage of high-quality raw materials and advanced processing. The cotton crop is grown in the Nile Delta region of Egypt and we source extra-long staples to mercerize, twist, spin, gas, dye, and wind. The culmination of these processes produce the finest cotton threads.

To learn why using an Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton thread matters, view our cotton thread infographic and see what makes our cotton threads Superior.

King Tut cotton thread
King Tut cotton quilting thread
MasterPiece cotton thread
MasterPiece cotton thread is fantastic for quilting and sewing

Our cotton threads:

King Tut

40 wt. 3-ply Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton thread. Designed for quilting and decorative stitching. King Tut is one of nature's finest threads. With low lint and high strength, King Tut is the top cotton thread choice for visible stitches. Available in over 100 color selections in both solid variegated options. All variegated color blends are precision dyed with one-inch color change intervals.


50 wt. 3-ply Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton thread. Designed for piecing, sewing, and quilting. MasterPiece is a strong, low-lint cotton thread that doesn't add bulk to your seams. The fine cotton fibers help to grab the fabric and create a tight stitch, even while stitching at a high speed on a longarm machine. A fine matte finish allows MasterPiece to blend well and also makes it a fantastic choice as a bobbin thread when sewing.


30 wt. 3-ply cotton thread. Designed for hand quilting. Treasure hand quilting thread is is made to handle the stress that hand quilting thread must endure for tight, smooth stitches. The special glaze coating adds strength and keeps the thread from displacing any lint. Available in 25 colors which are perfect for heirloom, dresses, quilts, and any project that calls for hand work.

Learn more about our cotton threads by watching this video.

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