Kevlar® thread is used in applications where high-heat resistance is needed and where strength is an added plus. Some applications of Kevlar® thread are fire suits, racing gear, tactical gear, mattresses, and much more.

Why Choose Kevlar®?

DuPont™ Kevlar® thread and Spun Kevlar® threads in a total of seven thicknesses for all types of commercial and industrial sewing. Kevlar® thread has become known for many advantageous properties. First, Kevlar® thread is typically more than twice as strong as polyester or nylon threads. Second, Kevlar® thread has very little stretch, which helps hold a very tight seam. Third, Kevlar® thread has a very high heat tolerance and does not melt like other fibers. Instead, Kevlar® thread decomposes around 930 °F.

We recommend sewing with Bonded Kevlar® thread when strength is the primary requirement. A thin resin coats the Kevlar® fibers and helps keep the thread from fraying when sewing at high speeds. Bonded Kevlar® is available in its natural yellow color in four different thicknesses: #69 (Tex 70), #92 (Tex 90), #207 (Tex 210), and #346 (Tex 350). We can special order bonded Kevlar® thread in size 138 (Tex 135), but do not stock this size.

Kevlar Threads

Due to the amazing characteristics of bonded Kevlar® thread, it is not a cheap thread and costs significantly more than bonded nylon or bonded polyester threads. However, with bonded Kevlar® thread, you get very high heat resistance and incredible tensile strength.

Spun Kevlar® has the high heat tolerance of Kevlar® but does not have the strength of Bonded Kevlar® thread. They method that spun Kevlar® is made into a sew-ready thread is very different than a filament Kevlar® fiber that is bonded.

Kevlar® put-up and tensile strength:

  • Bonded Kevlar® #69:
    • 3,350 yds./cone, .008"/.25 mm diameter, and 23 lbs breaking strength.
  • Bonded Kevlar® #92:
    • 2,500 yds./cone, .014"/.29 mm diameter, and 45 lbs breaking strength.
  • Bonded Kevlar® #207:
    • 1,050 yds./cone, .018"/.46 mm diameter, and 64 lbs breaking strength.
  • Bonded Kevlar® #346:
    • 525 yds./cone, .026"/.65 mm diameter, and 124 lbs breaking strength.
  • Spun Kevlar® Tex 40:
    • Approx. 6,000 yds./cone and 5 lbs breaking strength.
  • Spun Kevlar® Tex 60:
    • Approx. 6,000 yds./cone and 6 lbs breaking strength.
  • Spun Kevlar® Tex 80:
    • Approx. 6,000 yds./cone and 8 lbs breaking strength.
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