Our industrial threads consist of sewing threads for upholstery and commercial sewing applications. Our bonded threads are available in a selection of seven thicknesses (sizes), three fiber types, and over one hundred colors. Commercial and industrial sewing threads are strong, smooth, and are commonly used on projects that have special thread requirements. For UV-safe applications, Bonded Polyester is recommended.

Industrial Thread

Our Industrial Threads

Bonded Nylon

Bonded Nylon is the most common thread choice for stitching upholstery, leather, vinyl, heavy fabrics and more. Our Bonded Nylon is made from strong nylon fibers, Nylon 6,6 (sometimes referred to as Nylon 66, which is stronger and has a higher heat tolerance than regular nylon fibers that are commonly used for nylon monofilament sewing threads. The bonding agent which coats our Bonded Nylon thread provides added strength and reduces friction at the needle, resulting in smooth stitches. Available on large cones in seven different thicknesses.

Bonded Polyester

Bonded Polyester is the most common thread choice for stitching products that will be exposed to UV rays (sunshine). Polyester fibers have a greater resistance to wear and tear from UV rays compared to nylon fibers. Bonded Polyester has better fade resistance, which makes it ideal for sewing outdoor furnishings, convertible automobiles, awnings, marine fabrics, and more. The bonding agent which coats the thread adds strength and reduces friction at the needle. Bonded Polyester has excellent chemical and mildew resistance. Available on large cones in six different thicknesses.


SewGlow is an innovative thread for heavy-duty sewing and upholstery. It is a Tex 240 (comparable to a #207 or #277 thread) bonded polyester which has special glowing dye impregnated into the fibers. The thread appears white when in light and glows a bright green or blue color in the dark. SewGlow offers you the ability to create unique sewn projects that glow in the dark. It's very strong and has a bonded coating to keep friction at bay when sewing at high speeds. Expose it to light for 60-90 seconds and it glows brightly for minutes as the brightness fades over the course of an hour. Recharge over and over again for the same glowing effect. There is no other thread like SewGlow.

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