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Sewing Machine

Guest Post by Lori Wade


Checking and Maintaining your Sewing Machine for Accuracy

Whether you’re constructing a garment with a 5/8” seam allowances or a quilt with quarter-inch seams, sewing accurate seam allowances is one of the most important aspects of any sewing project....


thread organization idea


Thread Organization & Storage

Do you feel a small burst of happiness every time you look at your thread because it's organized beautifully? For those of us who groove on spools, let’s talk about how to organize them and some clever ways to keep your stash stashed...

Karen Eckmeier's quilt


Turning Over a New Leaf and Into the Light

Always an artist, Karen Eckmeier loves the creative process. As a young child, she was often found wielding a pencil, sketching lines and patterns on any available surface. She continued to cultivate her artistic skills as she grew by accepting employment for real estate firms; illustrating pen and ink renderings of homes. Then one day, Karen saw...

Kathy McNeil's All You Need Is Love quilt


All You Need is Love by Kathy McNeil

One of the most exciting times of the year for quilters is November. That’s when the Houston Quilt Festival showcases the newest, most outstanding, and original quilts of the year. It’s a quilter’s dream! Over the next few months, we’re going to give you an insider’s peek at...

Lea McComa's quilt


Superior Star: Lea McComas

Lea began sewing at age 6 and quilting at 16. While living abroad, Lea immersed herself in interacting and learning with the people and traditions of many cultures, including studying carpet weaving in Turkey and fabric dyeing in Japan. Upon her return to the states in 2001, Lea discovered...

Heidi Proffetty Quilt Image


Is she ready yet? by Heidi Proffetty

For years, Heidi Proffetty has had this image displayed in her home. It is a treasured photo captured by her sister on the waterfront of Plymouth, MA. Her first daughter Erin presents her soon-to-be baby sister with a flower and asks...

Color Wheel


Go Bold with Color Contrast

There are so many quilt styles these days that use thread and fabric with a high contrast. When creating a high-contrast quilt, you are faced with a decision: which color should I use? While choosing thread in high contrast quilts...

minky blanket


A Great Baby Quilting Gift

We love partnering with fellow quilting companies to create beautiful projects, and today we want to share something really special. Mary is a brand ambassador with Shannon Fabrics and created this darling Wee Ones Moonwalk kit in Shell using Superior Threads So Fine...

superior bucket list


Superior Summer Bucket List

As quilters, our to-do lists are never done! We always have something to make (or finish!), a new technique to try, or a fun event to attend with our sewing buddies. Our Superior Threads Bucket List is just what you need to...


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