Needles » Longarm Needles » #14 R Point (Regular Round) 134MR
Needles » Longarm Needles » #14 R Point (Regular Round) 134MR

#14 R Point (Regular Round) 134MR

Groz-Beckert 134 MR R (regular round point) size #14. 1 package consists of 10 needles. The Groz-Beckert MR needle style is specifically made for multi-directional use, which is exactly what longarm machines need. Multi-directional design means more accurate stitching while moving the machine in any direction. The MR needle style has maximum flexibility and bending to help reduce needle breaks and a deep scarf to mitigate skipped stitches.

Product Details

Needle Point R
Needle Size #14 MR 3.0
Needle System 134 (MR)
Longarm Brand APQS, Artistic AQ26, Eclipse, Gammill, Handi Quilter Infinity, Innova, Ken Quilt, Martelli, Nolting M-style, Pfaff Grand Q, Prodigy, Tin Lizzie, Viking Mega Quilter 18, Viking Platinum 3000