Why use Egyptian-grown cotton thread?

With the growth of the crafting industry (including sewing and quilting), the words Egyptian cotton have become a popular catchphrase in the textile industry. Unfortunately, the true meaning of Egyptian cotton has been diluted by misleading marketing, some unintentional while some campaigns are overt. Egyptian cotton, in its truest terminology, should mean cotton that is actually grown in Egypt; however, less than 1% of all cotton crops grown in the world is actually grown in Egypt. In the thread industry, it is common for companies to label a thread as Egyptian cotton even if the cotton was grown in China, India, or other countries. Most of the time, consumers do not realize that they have been mislead and the cotton thread they are using is not actually an Egyptian-grown cotton thread. Whether it is due to dishonest labeling or other reasons, most cotton fibers used in towels, sheets, threads, and clothing which is labeled as Egyptian cotton is actually not from Egypt.

Egyptian cotton is recognized globally for one reason – its quality. Although many varieties of cotton are grown around the world (over 80 countries grow cotton), true Egyptian-grown cotton is a premium fiber. The climate in the Nile Delta region of Egypt is ideal for producing a high grade cotton and the result is lower lint and a stronger thread.

Extra-long staple cotton

Our Egyptian cotton threads, King Tut, MasterPiece, and Treasure are created from extra-long staple cotton fibers that are actually grown in Egypt. The raw cotton fibers, officially called staples, are up to 2" in length. This is significant, because extra-long staple fibers create less lint and promote a stronger thread when twisted together. Longer individual fibers means that there are fewer fibers over the length of the thread. There is a direct correlation between using an extra-long staple fiber and the strength of the thread.

Choosing to use a Superior cotton thread in your next quilt is a worry free decision. We source extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton fibers and we process these fibers with state-of-the-art techniques to create wonderful quilting thread. We guarantee our cotton threads are the best quality cotton threads in the world.

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