Hand Quilting Thread

When hand quilting, it is important to have a hand quilting thread that is high quality, low lint, strong, and is beautiful enough to reflect the time and effort that has been devoted in the creation of the quilting process. It may seem basic to look for these qualities when choosing a hand quilting thread, but using the right materials from the start will make the entire project so much more enjoyable! No one enjoys broken threads or bent needles.

A few recommendations on what to look for when looking for the right hand quilting thread to use. Generally speaking, most people whether they quilt or not, assume that any thread can be used for hand quilting. This sentiment isn't wrong, but it's not entirely accurate. A true hand quilting thread has a glaze or wax coating. This special coating increases the breaking strength of the thread, reduces the amount of lint that is displaced when stitching, and also helps the thread slide through fabric easier.

If you find a spool of cotton thread that is wiry or springy and is difficult to break with your hands, chances are that it has this coating on it. Threads with this coating are specifically engineered for hand-stitching applications, especially for hand quilting thread. While not all thread companies will print the words Hand Quilting Thread on their labels, checking to see whether the thread coils when it is unwound from the spool is a sure way to know whether or not it has a glaze coating.

We don't recommend the use of hand quilting thread in your sewing machine. The wax coating can rub off between the tension discs inside the machine and can gum up over time, requiring maintenance by a technician or an enthusiastic quilter. The wax can also collect on your needle and cause the thread to break and other stitch problems.

Our favorite hand quilting thread is Treasure. It is a 30 wt./3-ply cotton thread that is made from Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton fibers. It's strong, smooth, and has excellent stitchability. Treasure hand quilting thread is available in 25 colors, including 21 variegated colors, and wound on 300 yd. spools.

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