Industrial Thread

We have a large selection of industrial threads which can be used for many different sewing applications. Commercial cut and sew operations require a different thread type than a cobbler or saddlemaker. Thankfully, our thread selection is both wide and deep.

Leather and heavy duty threads

The most common type of industrial thread is for sewing on heavy duty materials, such as canvas, leather, vinyl, and duck cloth. Threads for this purpose must be very strong and handle the friction at the needle when sewing at high speeds. Bonded Nylon is the most popular type of industrial thread used for commercial and semi-commercial sewing applications. It is available in many thicknesses, which is helpful when sewing on a variety of materials. Bonded Nylon industrial thread is recommended for applications that won't be exposed to UV rays (sunlight). If a sewn project will be exposed to UV rays, Bonded Polyester is recommended. Bonded Polyester is also available in several thicknesses and has fantastic strength qualities. Polyester fibers are inherently better at resisting degradation due to UV exposure. This makes it a popular industrial thread to use on outdoor furniture, saddles, and marine environments.

If a thread is to be sewn on material that will be exposed to high temperatures (greater than 400° F) or extremely high-strength is required, we recommend sewing with Kevlar® thread.

DuPont Kevlar® thread industrial thread is well known for it's incredible strength and use in armor. Bonded Kevlar® has a special resin coating that helps reduce the friction and heat that occurs at the needle when stitching through thick material at high speeds. Spun Kevlar®, while not as strong, retains the same high-heat tolerance qualities.

Industrial threads for sewing
Bonded Nylon industrial sewing thread

Cut and sew/apparel threads

Sewing operations that are involved in the creating of clothing require a lot of thread. Seams, necklines, and hems need to lay flat and smooth. Most knit fabric is sewn in a serger and uses a "woollie-like" thread in the looper. Our Polyarn and ProLock threads are made from textured polyester fibers and provide excellent elasticity and coverage for clothing construction. A strong, high-quality top thread will keep production moving and provide long-lasting stitches. Our corespun OMNI and Sergin' General threads are qualified for high-speed stitching and have excellent strength and color-blending qualities.

Specialty threads

Several specialty industrial threads include water-soluble thread, melting thread, and monofilament polyester thread.

Vanish is our water-soluble thread that dissolves in water. Available in two thicknesses, Vanish-Lite will dissolve when sprayed with water (and slightly agitated) and Vanish-Extra will dissolve when soaked in water. Warm water speeds up the process. Vanish is often used to hold temporary stitches in place and is a great thread for basting.

Superior Low Melt is a nylon thread that melts when it comes into contact with heat. This popular thread is used in the production of apparel in many factories around the world. Common uses are lining pockets on jeans, outlining pockets and lining material for suits, and other temporary adhesive stitches. Superior Low Melt is not recommended for permanent placement, but is a great thread to utilize for temporarily holding fabric in place while lockstiches or decorative stitches secure the layers of material.

MonoPoly is fine polyester monofilament thread. This universally beneficial thread is used in quilting, sewing, and apparel construction. As an industrial thread, it is used in the hems of pants. Due to its fine nature, it blends very well into the fabric.

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