Silk Thread

Superior Threads has built a reputation of high quality products and service since our company started in 1998. Part of this legacy is our selection of silk thread. Silk is a fantastic fiber and can be turned into many different types of thread, for a variety of sewing and quilting applications.

What sets our Silk Thread apart?

In a single word, quality. The raw materials used to create our silk thread lines are sourced from Japanese silkworm farms. When it comes to creating silk thread that will be made into sewing or quilting thread, the use of filament silk is far greater than using spun silk fibers. Filament silk is a thin, continuous strand of silk that be twisted and spun together with other filaments to create a sewable thread. Filament silk thread also provides greater strength and sheen compared to spun silk.

Our most popular silk thread is Kimono Silk. Kimono Silk is a 100 wt./2-ply silk thread which is very fine, and smooth. Elegant in nature, quilters and sewists choose to use silk thread in their projects for various reasons. Silk also has a gorgeous natural sheen and the colors of silk are bold, despite how thin or thick the final thread is. Kimono Silk is a favorite silk thread choice for applique, detailed quilting, and binding. Thanks to its smooth finish and fine diameter, its petite 100 wt. diameter doesn't add any bulk when stitching.

Kimono Silk 100 wt. silk thread
Silk thread has a beautiful sheen and a smooth finish

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers available. Most of the time, our silk threads are fine and have a small diameter. Due to the natural strength characteristics, we can quilt with our Kimono Silk 100 wt. silk thread in a high-speed longarm machine without the constant worries of thread breakage. This is because of the high quality filament silk and special processing the thread undergoes as it becomes a sew-ready thread.

Ranging in sizes from a thin 100 wt. to a heavy 16 wt., you will find the right silk thread suited for hand and machine applique, quilting, embroidery, embellishments, redwork and much more!

Silk thread is also very durable. Fifty years ago, it wouldn't be recommended to use a thread that was more than a couple of years old. However, with today's technology and advanced processes, natural fibers, such as silk and cotton, that are made into threads will last far longer. It won't be uncommon to see today's threads in quilts last hundreds of years in a well preserved state. Using quality raw materials and advanced color processing helps keep silk thread from degrading quickly.

Our Superior silk threads are available in hundreds of color options, both variegated and solid colorways, and on several put-ups (spools, cones, tubes, and cards). All of our silk thread lines are made from the best Japanese filament silk materials and are processed in a unique manner that ensures uniformity throughout the entire length of the thread.

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